So out of the numerous number of people who applied to be admitted, you made it to the Fresher’s list. Congratulations!

As this is your first time moving on your own, it can be overwhelming. The OHouse team have put together a complete student housing checklist for Freshers to make sure your apartment is equipped with all the essentials needs.

We made this piece focus on list of house needs for newly admitted fresh students (Freshers) into higher institution, but if you’re not exactly a fresher you will find it useful when ready to equip your new house too.

Now, let’s move forward.

Room Essentials

Needs Forecast Price
Mattress/Foam ₦15,000
Paint ₦4000
Beddings (Bed sheets, Pillows and Pillowcases, Blankets) ₦3000
Pillow ₦500
Carpet ₦3000
Bedspread ₦2000
Chair and table ₦4500
Window and door cotton ₦4000
Cloth hanger ₦2000
Pressing Iron ₦3000

Bathroom Essentials

Needs Forecast Price
Towels ₦2000
Toiletries (toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, etc.) ₦3000
Air fresheners ₦1000
Toilet brush ₦1000
Bath mat ₦1000
Soap and Sponge dish ₦500
Soap and Sponge ₦1000
Toothbrush ₦500
Laundry basket ₦1000

Kitchen Essentials

Needs Forecast Price
Food shelf ₦1500
Buckets ₦3000
Broom, packer and dustbin ₦500
Plates, spoons, fork, Knife, Plastic cups and pot ₦8000
Gas cylinder ₦5000
Mop ₦1000
Stove ₦3000
Cutting board ₦500
Colander (Sieve) ₦300
Scrubbing pads (Iron Sponge) ₦200
Dish Drying Rack ₦1000
Dish Soap ₦200
Dish Towels ₦150

Other Essentials

Needs Forecast Price
Food Stuffs ₦15000
Clothes ₦10000
Shoes ₦10000

Advanced Needs

Needs Forecast Price
Personal Computer ₦60000
Fan ₦10000
Generator ₦40000
Shoe rack ₦2500
Rug ₦10000
Couch ₦20000
First aid kits ₦10000
Mirror ₦2000
Alarm clock ₦3000 – ₦9000

Tech Needs

Needs Forecast Price
TV ₦30000
Blu-ray or DVD player ₦5000
WiFi router – A WiFi extender could come in handy if you have a spotty connection) ₦10000
Printer with copy paper ₦15000
Surge protectors ₦2000
Extension cords ₦2000
Game consoles ₦50000 – ₦100000
Lap desk ₦10000 – ₦70000
Home Theatre/Smart speaker ₦20000 – ₦300000
Air conditioner ₦50000 – ₦200000
Hairdryer ₦10000
Blender ₦5000 – ₦50000
Toaster/ Toaster Oven ₦10000 – ₦50000
Dish Washer ₦150000 – ₦200000
Decoder (DStv, StarTimes, GOtv) ₦7000 – ₦15000
Solar (MTN Lumos, SunKing) ₦25000 – ₦150000


So there you have it, the complete list of house needs for newly admitted Fresh Students (Freshers) from essentials to advance needs. Hopefully, this helps make your transition from secondary school student to higher institution house a smooth and successful one.

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