Yes! OHouse is officially launched and we are happy.

A recent update from our mother company OYESource Empire, detailed the journey from OYESource Housing to OHouse and here today, we want you to take less than a minute to uncover the benefits of OHouse.

What is OHouse?

OHouse is the re-branded OYESource Housing as the secure place to first and foremost find and rent the best off-campus accommodation in Fuoye – Federal University Oye-Ekiti.

At OHouse, our mission is to find you a befitting and affordable house and our method is trust and transparency. With tons of hostels and apartments for rent in almost every schools, state, and city across the nation, we‘re here to help you secure your next house.

Although we are not stopping with Fuoye, but charity begins at home they say. Fuoye first before we grow to other schools.

Why OHouse?

Just has we’ve been doing for the past 2 years, we simply want to eradicate the stress and difficulty attached to securing off-campus accommodation in universities, and OHouse was created to enable us provide this service in Fuoye and OHouse was created so we can allow the service to grow across Nigeria universities and the country at large.

What should be expected of OHouse?

Securing Affordable Off-Campus Accommodation either of Single Room, Self-Contained, Room & Palour Self-con, Flats, Shops and Land

Find a RoomMate with ease.

Temporary Hotel (Accommodation)

Android App Apk file and many more to follow.

Yes! 🤭 Welcome to OHouse – where we provide befitting and affordable housing for all students.

What do you think of our new brand? Drop your comment below in the comment session.